#SeriesTF2020 · Readathon · Weekly Tbrs

#SeriesTF2020 February Readathon TBR

It’s time for the February’s readathon for the series to finish series that I co host with my friend Anna over at readerandproud. This is running from the 17th -23rd of February so starting tomorrow! I’m so excited for this readathon as I have the whole week off to read so I hope to get… Continue reading #SeriesTF2020 February Readathon TBR

#SeriesTF2020 · Readathon · Wrap ups

#SeriesTF2020 January Readathon wrap up 

Last week was our week long Readathon for the SeriesTF2019 challenge. We host these readathons to encourage readers to pick up books on their tbrs that are part of series. This wrap up won’t be like my usual ones in that i tell you what I read each day. I’m just going to show you the… Continue reading #SeriesTF2020 January Readathon wrap up