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#SeriesTF2020 March Readathon Wrap Up

The March Readathon has finished for the #SeriesTF2020 reading challenge! If i must say so myself i think that i had a successful week considering how ive been for some of our other readathons that we have hosted. This probably being because weve been in lockdown all week because of the horrible virus going around the world. Here is how i did.


Today was my first day of from work so it was nice to actually have time during the day to sit down and read instead of struggling in the evenings which is what i normally have to do. I started a buddy read on saturday before the readathon started of The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh where we are reading around 50 pages of the book a day so i started the day off by reading 59 pages of it as i couldnt stop in the middle of a chapter. I then also started my buddy read of Pure by Jennifer L Armentrout with Anna where we decided to read around 5 chapters a day. This resulted in me reading 57 pages of it.

Pages read: 116 pages

Total Pages: 116 pages


Again i started another buddy read on the weekend of Hetty feather by Jaqueline wilson with Kayleigh, we decided to read some of our old childhood books. I thought that i would have to put it down for the week as i believed it to be a standalone but when i went to add my curret reads to goodreads i found out that its acctually a first book in a series. This meant that we didnt have to put it down but instead were able to carry on. Today i read 104 pages of Hetty feather. For some reason i didnt get to either of my buddy reads today.

Pages read: 104 pages

Total pages: 220 pages


Today was a day i knew i wouldnt get much reading done or if any as i had to work all day. when i got home from work though i spent some time with my sister and we watched some episodes of Lucifer and just spent time together so i eneded up getting no reading done at all.

Pages read: 0

Total pages: 220 pages


Today i was on dog sitting all day as both my mum was at work and my sister was in her room working from home all day and cause i cant really work from home i spent the day catching up with my reading. The weather was nice so my dog slept in the sun majority of the day so it was perfect. I started by catching up on The Beautiful and read 147 pages. I then carried on with Pure and read 102 pages. Then last read some more of Hetty feather and read 87 pages.

Pages read: 336 pages

Total Pages: 556 pages


Today was another successful day for my reading as my mum was home to care for the dog and my sister was around much more as she was having issues with working from home. I started by reading 59 pages of Pure. i then read 80 pages of The Beautiful. I then read 157 pages of Hetty feather and was able to finish it. I then has a few bits to do around the house so stuck the audio book of Vampire Diaries: The Struggle and read 50 pages. 

Pages read: 346 pages

Total Pages: 902 pages


Today i started the morning by reading the last 43 pages of The Beautiful and finished it. i spent most of the day with my sister playing video games and Sims. I then joined some girls on instagram to do a 24hr readathon starting at 7pm on saturday to 8pm on sunday as the clocks went forward in the uk. I read the entirity of Percy Jackson and the sea of mosnters before i went to bed which was 265 pages.

Pages read: 308 pages

Total pages: 1,210 pages


All day till 8pm was still part of the 24hr readathon that i was part of. I started the day by finishing Pure by reading 102 pages. My sister then wanted to carry on playing sims so i put an audiobook on and read 127 pages of The struggle which meant i finished that book too. When i was able to sit down and read physically again i grabbed Vampire diaries: The Fury and read 70 pages. In the evening i decided to have a break from reading and watched The Hobbit.

Pages read: 299 pages

Total pages: 1,509 pages

Final Stats

Books read: finished 5 books and started 1 more

Pages read: 1,509 pages

Avergae pages a day:

Best day: Friday

worst day: Wednesday


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