#SeriesTF2019 April Readathon Announcement & TBR

It’s that time again. We are hosting another Readathon for the series to finish 2019 challenge. Like I’ve said before me and Anna have decided that we are doing these readathons monthly to encourage people to read the books on their tbr. To find out more about the challenge click here.

When is the readathon?

The Readathon will be held from Monday the 15th to the Sunday the 21st of April. It will start and end at midnight in whatever time zone you are in. You can join anytime.

Reading sprints &  who can join?

We are going to try and hold reading sprints throughout the week for all to join in and you don’t have to be part of the reading challenge to take part in the Readathon. The sprints will be held on our Twitter page.


I have the week off so im setting myself quite and ambitious tbr as im hoping to spend most of the week reading. Aslong as i don’t get distracted by youtube or Netflix which is whats been happening this week.

  • The Wicked will rise by Danielle Paige. This is a buddy read with my friend Kayleigh over at Abountyofbooks. Im going to be listening to this on audiobook whenever i cant be sitting with a physical book.
  • Restore me by Taherah Mafi. I cant wait to carry on with this series, i just need to see where this series is going.
  • The 100: Homecoming by Kass Morgan. This is such a quick easy read so i feel ill be able to knock out this book really quickly during the readathon.
  • Percy Jackson and the lightning thief by Rick Riordan. I am so late at starting this series but im so excited to start it.




13 thoughts on “#SeriesTF2019 April Readathon Announcement & TBR

  1. You bumped it to four books, YES! I know you can do it 😉 As you mentioned, The 100 is an easy read and RM is very short, plus the writing style and the pacing will help you read it in no time. I NEED TO DISCUSS IT WHEN YOU READ IT, PLEASE.
    I have not read The Wicked Will Rise but I read the Percy Jackson series in the first edition of Series to Finish and they’re so much fun to read!
    Your TBR has very different books and I am excited for you to read the ones I’ve also read so I know your thoughts. I have no idea what I’m going to read this time so I hope I can decide it soon.

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    1. Yes! As you know its our week off so hopefully ill be able to use it to my advanatage and read alot. Yes im pretty sure ill be able to read The 100 all in one day. and yes the shatter me series is so quickand fast paced so it shouldn’t take me long and then all i need to do is get my hands on Defy me. Im hoping PJ will be quite a quick read *Fingers crossed* I am also very excited to read and chat with you. I cant wait to see what books you put on your tbr

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      1. I have not like the newer shatter Me books as much as the originals, but I hope you like them better than I did. Nevertheless, it’s still a fast read, and the other 2 I’ve read are also quicck reads. I do not even know what I’m going to read, so I am curious too.

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