O.W.L.S Magical Readathon 2019 TBR

Its that time of year again. Its time for us all to sit our Ordinary Wizarding Levels. This is a readathon hosted by G @ Book Roast. Here is her Announcement Video.

The Owls run throughout the month of april so from april 1st to the 30th. The owls your past in April will be the Newts you take later in the year.

My Tbr:

Ancient Runes – Retelling

The wicked will rise by Danielle Paige. This is the second book in the Dorothy must die series. I will be buddy reading this with my friend Kayleigh as we have so many series to catch up on.

Arithmacy –  Work written by more than one author

Naomi and elys no kiss list by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn. Ive been meaning to read this forever and im really interested in watching the film too.

Astronomy – Star in the title

The sun is also a star by Nicola Yoon. Another book ive had on my shelf for years so heres my chance to finally read it. Also the movie is coming out this year so i would like to read it before the film comes out. I am going to be buddy reading this with Sasha over at Mignightbookgirl

Care of magical creatures – Land animal on the cover.

Geekerella by Ashley Postin. This is a bit of stretch however therer is a sausage dog on the cover and i really just want to read this book as it sounds just up my alley.

Charms – An Adult book

A pocketful of Crows by Joanne M. Harris. This was a hard one as Adult books are not a genre i read so i went to the library and looked at the shelves and found a couple that interested me and then i choose the shortest one.

Defense against the dark arts – Reducto: Title that starts with “R”

Restore me by Taherah Mafi. I cant wait to get to this one. I have recently finished ignite me and absolutely loved it. This series is so good.

Divination – Set in the future. 

The 100: Homecoming by Kass Morgan. This series is so easy to read and i love it. I cant wait to finish this series and then watch the tv show.

Herbology –  Plant on the cover

Ice like fire by Sara Raash. I loved the first book when i read it last year so i cant wait to carry on with the series.

History of magic – Published atleast 10 years ago.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Percy Jackson. Ive been wanting to get into this series for year and feel really late to the gamr but hey i am going to start it for this readathon.

Muggle Studies – Contemporary

Love letters of Abelard and Lily by Laurie Creedle. This is a book on my netgalley shelf that has been on there for years. I finally thinks its time i got it off.

Potions – Sequel

Heir of fire by Sarah J Maas. I am reading this series for the first time with some amazing people on Instagram. we are doing it one book a month and Aprils book is Heir of fire and i cant wait to jump right in.

Transfiguration – Sprayed edges or red cover

Between the blade and the heart by Amanda Hocking. Another book that i highly anticipate and is on my netgalley tbr.

What books are on your tbr??



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