#SeriesTF2019 March Readathon Wrap up

The March Readathon of our series challenge has come to an end and it was so much fun. Here is my progress.

Day 1:

I Started the week with no books on the go so as soon as i came home from work i could start something new. I started the week by reading Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas. I managed to read 68 pages before i feel asleep because i didn’t get much sleep the night before because of some family issues.

Pages read: 68 Pages

Day 2:

Well today was a crazy day at work. I never thought it would end. However in the evening i did manage to get a small bit of reading 65 pages of Crown of midnight.

Pages read: 65 pages

Total pages: 133 pages

Day 3:

This was a pretty decent day for my reading as i was able to go and sit in bed and really get into my book. I ended up flying through the pages for a couple hours before falling asleep and was able to read 157 pages of Crown of Midnight.

Pages read: 157 pages

Total Pages: 290 pages

Day 4:

Today was another good reading day for me. After coming home from work and having dinner i went and sat in bed and was able to read 130 pages of Crown of Midnight and was able to finish it. I Then started my next read which was Blood feud by Alyxandra Harvey. I was able to read 62 pages of it before falling asleep.

Pages read: 192 pages

Total pages: 482 pages

Day 5:

Today was a bad day for me. It was the end of the working week which has been hella busy and if im being honest i was too tired and really didn’t feel like reading. this means that i didn’t read anything and instead had a night of youtube and gaming.

Pages read: 0

Total pages: 482

Day 6:

Today was a fantastic day of reading. I spent all afternoon doing sprints on the Readathon twitter page with some lovely readers. Thanks to everyone that joined in. I was able to read 197 pages of Blood feud and finish that mid afternoon. I then started my next book with the sprints which was Ignite me by Taherah Mafi. I was able to read 132 pages of ignite me.

Pages read: 329 pages

Total pages: 811 pages

Day 7:

Today I had a lot of errands to run with my mum. However once they were done i had time to read however instead of reading i started to write this blog post so i wouldn’t have as much to do today. I did however do a bit of reading in the evening and managed to read 105 pages.

Pages read: 105 pages

Total read: 916 pages

Final Stats:

Books read: 2 complete books and half of another

Pagers read: 916

Average pages a day: 130 pages

Best day: Saturday

Worst day: Friday




8 thoughts on “#SeriesTF2019 March Readathon Wrap up

    1. The reading sprints were such a success this time around. It doesn’t have to be during the readathon either. If you wants sprints just message the page and I’ll try and sprint.
      I loved crown of midnight! Reading the third book in April

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I too enjoyed the reading sprints. They made me read so much!! I’m so glad they helped you to get some reading done. I’m reading now if you would like me to host some sprints on the twitter page


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