Review: My Love lies Bleeding

My love lies bleeding is thefirst book in the Drake chronicles by Alyxandra Harvey. It is about:

‘The Drakes are rather different to your usual neighbors. They are vampires and some of the members of the family date back to the twelfth century. One of the children, Solange, is the only born female vampire known and, as such, she poses a direct threat to the vampire queen. Her best friend Lucy is human, and when Solange is kidnapped, Lucy and Solange’s brother, Nicholas, set out to save her. Lucy soon discovers that she would like to be more than just friends with Nicholas. But how does one go about dating a vampire? Meanwhile, Solange finds an unlikely ally in Kieran, a vampire slayer on the hunt for his father’s killer. ‘

I really enjyed this book it was a quick read which i read in a under 24 hours but over 2 days.  i havent read a good vampire book in a while and this was just what i needed at the time when i read this.

Solange and Lucy have a beautiful friendship and our both headstrong girls. I love how Lucy is so comfortable being in a house of vampires all the time and how trusting she is. solagne being the only born female has very protective brothers which i love but sometimes i feel they did go a bit over the top at the beginning. i loved how the book was split in different povs being in both of the girls povs and how we saw friendships and relationships from both their points of views. I loved the growing friendship/ relationship between the two girls and their love interest! Especially lucy and Nicholas, you could really see how much he cared for her through the whole book.

i gave this book 4 owls!!! 4 stars!!

4 star branch

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick cute read about vampires!




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