Review: Fly on the wall

Fly on the wall is a short young adult book by E lockhart with under 200 pages. It is about:

‘At the Manhattan School of Art and Music, where everyone is unique and everyone is ‘different’, Gretchen Yee feels ordinary. It doesn’t help that she’s known as the girl who sits alone at lunch, drawing pictures of her favourite superhero, just so she won’t have to talk to anyone. Her best (and only real) friend is there for her, but that’s only if she’s not busy – she’s always busy! 
It’s no surprise that Gretchen isn’t exactly successful in the boy department. Her ex-boyfriend is a cold-fish-sometimes-flirty ex who she can’t stop bumping into. Plus, she has a massive crush on a boy named, Titus but is too scared to make the first move. One minute he seems like a sensitive guy, the next, he’s a completely different person when he’s with his friends. She can’t seem to figure boys out!
Gretchen has one wish: to be a fly on the wall in the boy’s locker room. What are boys really like? What do they talk about?
This is the story of how one girl’s wish came true.’

This book was such as easy read and i flew through it in like 3/4 hours! Thats how quick i was able to read it. This book was kind of split in half with half the book being where shes a human and the second half where she is a fly. This made the parts of the book quite funny to the point where i laughed outloud a few times. There was bits of romance in it however i wished there was more with the potential i feel it had.

Gretchen reminded me of myself a bit at the beginning as she has Red hair which i have however hers it much more bright. shes a queit girl and how she only has 1 main friend. Titus was an interesting character and i liked how we got to see more and the confessions he makes when in the locker room.

This book has diverse elements in as most books set in a high school does with sexuality.

I give this book 4 owsl! 4 stars as i really enjoyed it however wish their was more as i wanted to see what happened to some of the other characters we saw and more romance!

4 star branch

I would recommend this book to someone who wants a quick fun read.



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