Book series i want to reread in 2017

Ive been feeling this urge latley(and it hit me all of the sudden the other day) to pick up some of my favourite series and just reread them and go back into their world that i havent been in for a while! So heres a little list of the book series that i want to reread in 2017 if i can!

1.Harry Potter

This is currently happening as i am buddy reading this series with a lovely group of bloggers on twitter! we are currently on book 3!

2. The mortal instruments series and The infernal devices trilogy

I havent reread these books in a while and who doesnt like jumping back into the shadowhunter universe.

3. Fallen series by Lauren Kate

I recently watched the film as it was released in the uk last month and it made me want to pick up both books 1 and 2 to reread and the series!

4. Dead Beautiful Trilogy by Yvonne woon

This is a similar book to Fallen in that it features a boarding school and i havent read it in a while so id love to pick up the first two books in this trilogy again so i refresh myself and read book 3 to finish the trilogy.

5. Vampire diaries by L.J Smith

I know this is an old and long series and it doesnt follow the tv series at all however it was one of the series i started reading when i was younger when i first started to read and i never acctually finished it so i would love to reread the whole series and finish it.

6. Gallager girls series by ally carter.

I seem to have a thing for books set in a boarding school at the moment so i would also like to reread this series and read the final book in the series!

I know these are alot of books in all these series and i probably wont get to all of them but im going to give it a go atleast and read what i can!




19 thoughts on “Book series i want to reread in 2017

    1. I love fallen as well!! I’m up to book 2 I think! I’ve also watched the film that they released in the U.K. This year for the book and they followed the book really well in my opinion. There was only a few bits they missed. I agree the covers are really pretty! 😊😍

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      1. Oooh I’ll have to see if I can find the movie. I saw they were making it!! I’m glad they’ve stuck to the story!! I finished the series, just need to find the one from Cam’s POV, Unforgiven.

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      2. I’ll see when it is or came out in Australia as they are releasing it at different times around the world and yeah I’m trying to reread the first two books and carry on with the series!


      3. Apparently it was released in 2016 over here. I need to find it!! Lol.
        It is a great series.
        I read Waterfall by Lauren Kate, but didn’t really get into that series.


      4. Yeah I just found that it was released in 2016! You must watch it! I need someone to talk to about it! I’m glad you think it’s a great series as I’ve seen a lot of reviews around of people who don’t like it! I have read teardrop and I liked it but haven’t read waterfall yet.

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      5. Haha I will have a look for it as soon as I am home. We are away for the long weekend (Queens Birthday). I have seen some bad reviews, but I thought it was a great series. I would definitely re-read it!
        I enjoyed the book, just didn’t really get into it. Can’t really remember what it was about now lol.
        Have you seen Vampire Academy? I loved that series and the movie!!

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      6. Yeah visiting family so it’s great.
        Do you guys get a holiday over there for it?
        I hope you get around to rereading them soon! 😊😊
        Vampire Academy is amazing. I need to finish the Bloodlines series.

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      7. Yay for public holidays. I don’t think we have any after this one til the end of the year 👎🏽
        Getting RDOs at work makes it a bit easier haha.
        I’ve only read the first book 😒 was actually really good though. I was expecting it to go down hill after Vampire Academy lol.

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