New Rating System

I’ve seen a lot of people lately making their own unique rating systems and i have been wanting to do this for a long while and i finally managed to make one. I wanted to make it represent me to go along with my blog so what best way to do that then to feature my Favourite animal Owls!! Here is my Rating System:



5 star books are books that are going to be my favourite books that i will reread multiple times probably annualy!


4 star branch.jpg

4 star books are probably the books you will see the most on this blog! These are the books that i really enjoyed but there is probably one thing that is making it not 5 stars


3 star branch

3 stars are books that i enjoyed reading but it took a while to get through because of some of the issues with the book or the pace!


2 star branch

2 star books are books that i didnt like and that i really struggled to get through but i did complete it as i like one aspect of it!


1 branch

1 star books are books that i absoultley hate or DNF!


How do you find my rating system? Is there anything i could do to make it better? Tell me in the comments below!



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