Review: Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Illluminae is the first book in The illuminae file trilogy which will follow two new teens who are experiencing different aspects of an ivasion. The first book focuses on two teens called Kady and Ezra. 

This book is set in a really cool way in that it has emails and interviews and cool page set ups throughout the book instead or ordinary page to page text. This made it easy to read being the big book that it was and interesting. 

i love Kady and Ezra as they never gve up on each other when they got back in contact and stuck together through everything. It was also nice that we could see both of their points of view when major plots were happening throughout the book. I like Ezra as he is so loveable and  cared about Kady so much that he was telling her to give up on him when things were getting bad but i liked how Kady stuck with her heart and stayed true to him. 

I recommend ths book to anyone who likes scifi and wants to read a unique heart that will grab your attention from the beginning and are willing to fall in love with the characters and storyline. its like nothing that ive read before. 5 star rating from me!!!!


9 thoughts on “Review: Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

      1. I will! Everyone seems to like it so I’d be surprised if I didn’t. I bought it on sale on Amazon so I tend to put my owned books aside, but hopefully the Beat the Backlist challenge will help me with that!

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      2. Ooh, I found it on’s page. I’ll be posting a link to it as I just signed up. There’s a cool button and everything. And you earn points for your HP house, though I can’t see myself keeping track of that…but go on her site and you can get all the deets! I hope you sign up!


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