Review: A beast within

A beast within: A tale of Beautys prince is a beauty and the beast retelling but written from the beast’s point of view. In this story we saw how the beast became the beast and why he was changed into the beast.

‘Its a story about Vanity, arrogance, love and hatred, beastliness and beauty’

Beauty and the beast is my all time favourite disney story and movie and i loved finding out how beast really felt for belle and what he felt like towards other characters as you didnt see that often when seeing the main story.

Most of this book was like a flash back as we saw how the beast was before the spell and after. Because of the spell we also got to see the fairy sisters pints of view who were the ones who casted the spell on beast. we saw how they tried to sabotage belle falling in love with the beast aka the famous wolve scene.

This is a 4 star rating for me as there wasnt enough interactions between belle and beast for me to give it a solid 5 stars


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