Review: Sinner By Maggie Stiefvarter

Sinner is the fourth book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series however it is a spinoff for the original trilogy focusing on two different characters that we see in the main trilogy. These two characters are Isabel and Cole st clair. In this book the two characters meet again and it is their journey of battling their feelings for each other and their profession for cole.

This book is a 4 star read for me as it didn’t take me long to read however there was a key element that I think the book should have focused on more which only got a few scenes in the book. This is Cole being a werewolf. We only saw him as a wolf one or two time throughout the whole book when he wanted to be alone and with the series being about wolves I think it should have been mentioned more than it was.

Cole was also stuggling with his band as he wants to start it up agian and hires a lady to be his manager and recruit band memeber but cole doesnt agree with who she hires so seeks his own. 

The book was also written in two points of views which I loved however at the beginning it was hard to get a grip off but didn’t take long. I liked seeing the different points to each character when different events happened to them instead of just seeing it from one person’s view.


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