Boy 21 by Matthew Quick

Boy 21 is about this boy called Finley who loves basketball and his girlfriend called Erin. One day this boy called Russ appears and finley is asked to help him and be his friend. The only thinj is that Russ believes he is from outer space and only answers to Boy 21.

Russ is one of the best high school basketball players in the country and is a threat to finleys postition.

I liked this book because of the Strong friendships between the boys and Russ could also help finley with things in his life.

I also liked the romance between finley and erin as they were best friends who had grown up with each other since they were young. she was the one thing he cared about the most.

The story also made me happy as they read my favourite series within the book


9 thoughts on “Boy 21 by Matthew Quick

    1. The genre of this book is tricky as it’s ya and then I would say sci-fi/contemporary. Goodreads also had it down as realistic fiction and sports:)
      Thank you very much I will go and check out you blog and do the award πŸ™‚

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