3 Days 3 Quotes : Day 3

Hers my quote for day 3 and it’s one dedicated to us readers 🙂 which I find is really true and perfect 😀

I’ve already tagged 6 blogges to do this 🙂 you know who you are 🙂 


13 thoughts on “3 Days 3 Quotes : Day 3

      1. No tornado in my area, but the alarm went off, and that was scary.
        But I didn’t even realize until it was near over that it wasn’t testing day on the alarm, and that it was going off for real. I was just sitting on my porch, reading a book and doing my blog.
        I could’ve ended up in OZ!!

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  1. This quote is perfect for me today… It’s raining and I’m about to open my book. Fun, fun Saturday.
    Is it wrong for me to secretly hope that it rains all day? Just so I can stay in and read? Because if the weather clears up, my man is gonna wanna go do something! And I just want to be snuggled up with my son and my book. 😉


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