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#Readthemallathon signup & TBR

This readathon has already started it runs from the 14th of august 2016 for 3 weeks untill the 4th of september 2016  created by Read at Midnight. This is my TBR for this readathon


For this Gym im going to be reading Alice in Zombie land by Gena ShowAlter which is the first book in the White Rabbit Chronicles.


I dont know what i will read for this one. I may read The Shock of the fall by Natham Filer which i have heard is quite sad so it may make me cry.


For this Gym im going to be reading Ill give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson which when it came out had a quite a bit of hype around it.


For this one im going to read Boy 21 by Matthew Quick as its an LGBT books and im really looking forward to reading it.


For this book im going to be reading Rift by Andre Cremer. It is a reread for me and i love the romance in this book.


For this book im going to be reading Falling Kingdom by Morgan Rhodes for this one as its got super natural elements with having magic in it


I dont know what im going to read for this one yet. I need to do more research into my books on my shelf.


For this book i am going for Bloodlines by Richelle Mead. i really loved the vampire academy series and cant wait to jump into this one.


There is my TBR for this readathon. Are you participating in the readathon? What book are you most excited about getting to read over the next couple of weeks?


4 thoughts on “#Readthemallathon signup & TBR

  1. I’m wanting to do this…but I’ll do it if my current books fit the outline: I totally don’t have any additional hours in the day for extra books. I think it looks fun and I know you can do it!
    I have to work on two tags today! Man, being a blogger is lots o’ work!! Lol!
    Nice post! Good luck, darlin’!! 👍

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    1. I think you should do it. i just looked at my current reads were able to fit them in the topics. Thank you it does look like fun and its covering the last 3 weeks before work and school starts up so i cant wait to get alot of reading done.
      Im just finishing off my Pokemon Go book tag and im not doing a weekly tbr this week as its the same as last week minus one book so i dont think theres any point. i agree alot of work. thanks for the luck

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