Pokemon GO Book Tag

Thank you Megan @Book Slayer Reads for tagging me in this book tag. I love pokemon go but dont play as much as i want to. This book tag (and its graphics) were created by Aentee @ read at midnight. Thanks for creating such a fun tag!


The book that started my love for reading was Harry Potter by JK Rowling. it was the frst book that made me not be able to stop reading and fall in love with the characters and the words.


A classic that i love is Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. i absolutely love this book and have two different copys on my shelf.



i think that the books Fallen by Lauren Kate and Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Wood are quite similar books but i absolutely loved them both.


Theres alot of book series that  i havent started because of the size of the series. These are:

  • House of night series
  • Morganville vampires
  • Game of thrones
  • Outlander


A book that kept me up at night because i couldnt stop reading it was City of Heavenly fire. i couldnt put it down till i finished it and that was night was very late.


My ultimate bookish OTP is Romione (Ron and Hermione) from harry potter. It is my favourite couple ever! i find them so cute and i want a boyfriend like Ron so much!


A book that was fast paced for me is A Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. this is a short book and i was able to get through it in a day. it is not red hot as it doesnt include any romance but it has good friendship ties in. It is also my MagiKarp book because of the book featuring no romance and romance is a key thing for me when i read However i surprisingly loved it.


i have to agree with Megan who tagged me in this for this one and say Harry Potter. I will never get tired of having more stories from the harry potter!!



My auto buy authors are Jk Rowling and Cassandra Clare. I nearly own all their books just got a few left to buy.


An overhyped series that i am still excited to read is The Hunger games series! Theres alot of hype around this series i just havent been able to sit down and read it yet.


A collectors edition i wished i owned would be the Looking for Alaska 10 ear anniversary edition as it is so beautiful with the black and gold cover and its one of my favourite John Green book.


There is my Pokemon Go Book tag. i did miss out a few topics within the tag but i just couldnt find an answer to them.

The nominees i tag are:

Plentiful Pages

Danielles book blog

The Awkward book blogger

Chic Nerd Reads


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