Book Review: The Bird children by Barbara Spencer

This book is about Two sorcerers: one good, one bad. Jacob, who uses his power to safeguard the Prince and inhabitants of the Kingdom of Sudana; Mendorun who has already learned the secret of positive energy and wields an army of giant crows. Now he is snatching away children, to steal their souls and create birds that can think. His plan? To become the most powerful sorcerer on earth and he will destroy anyone or anything that gets in his way.The only person standing in his way is a football-mad teenager from Birmingham, Jack Burnside, whose best friend a camel called Bud, can walk through time and space. Jack is in Morocco when Jacob appears with the news that Bud has fallen into Mendorun’s hands. Jack must reach him before Mendorun can unlock the camel’s magical powers. Unwilling to get involved in another scary adventure, Jack refuses. He couldn’t help even if he wanted to. He’s on an organised tour with fourteen other boys and every minute of their time is accounted for. This book is a fantasy book aimed at children aged 9- 12 years old. (Blurb from Goodreads)

This book was a different kind of read for me as there is no romance within the story which is different as im a sucker for romance and love a good love story. It deals alot on friendship and how they can grow and be formed in a small amount of time. I did enjoy this book even though it wasnt my type of book i would pick up normally and it was nice to read from a males point of view then a females. I thought the main character,Jack, was a great character and it was a different book then i had ever read before.


8 thoughts on “Book Review: The Bird children by Barbara Spencer

      1. I see. I was wondering. I have seen some middle grade ones I want to read (Mechanica is one), and I think it would benefit me as I am going to be teaching English. Though I’m to be Secondary Education (high school), a lot of times new teachers like me end up in middle schools. So it wouldn’t hurt to read a couple younger reads. I think of The Giver as middle grade because I read it in the third grade.


  1. I love these sort of books, they seem quite interesting so I thank you a lot for your interesting post. I’m never been into romance but I’ve read Emma recently (by Jane Austen) and I fell in love with it, so I may give more a shot. Thanks once more for the great post 🙂 !

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