Book Review: Wings by Aprilynne Pike

Wings is about this girl called laurel and she is different from everybody else, she doesn’t like being indoors alot and she only eats certain foods. that is what we know at the beginning. she starts a new high school and meets this boy called David who is very welcoming to laurel. As this story progresses we find out other differences that laurel has compared to humans and find out why.

i loved this story. i loved the character of David. i thought he was really sweet with laurel and how he didn’t freak out with the discoveries they made together and he was always there for laurel no matter what.
Tamlin however is a total different character to David even though they both dearly cared for laurel. it was sweet to see the friendship/relationship she had with both of them.

This book really intrigued me as it was nothing that i had ever read before and i am really excited to read the rest of the series


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