Review: Vampire Academy

I came across vampire academy via instagram and when my best friend told me about the film as she had watched it. From her description i knew i just had to read it and ended up watching the film before i read the book. i really wished that i had read the book first but it was also good to see the differences between the book and the film when i read it.

The book is about mainly about these two best friends/ sisters, who are part of world of vampires. There are 3 different types of vampires in their world, they are moroi who are vampires that rare gift of harnessing earth’s magic, damphirs who have a mix of human and vampire blood in them so they don’t have to drink blood to survive and can go out in sunlight and also strigoi who are the bad vampires of the books. In this book the strigoi are after lissa who is the last remaining dragomir princess to be alive after a fatal accident. Rose who is lissa’s best friend is determined to keep her safe as she is a dhampir who are the guardians of moroi. At the beginning rose and lissa are dragged back to the academy after they have run away and so for the story begins of their life in the academy but all is not what seems.

One of the major things in this book is the bond in which lissa and rose share. this is a one way bond in that rose can feel and see what is happening to lissa but lissa cant see it back or tell when its happening. The way the bond moments are written in the books makes you feel as if you are also in lissa’s head and can feel hows she feeling herself. Another thing i loved about this books was all the romance that was bursting at the seams inside. there was lissa and christian romance which we saw build and progress over the book and also the forbidden romance between rose and dimitri. its was fun to watch them try and hide their emotions from each other during the book.

I absolutely loved the way in which richelle wrote these books as she made you connect with the characters that you ended up thinking you were also in that story and felt all the emotions in which all the characters were feeling. when you get to the end of this book it makes you want to jump straight back into the world again by picking up the next book straight after putting down this one.
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves romance whether it be forbidden or not and also for people who love their fantasy and paranormal books as it is a perfect book to pick up and start reading.


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