Review: Stealing Phoenix

Stealing Phoenix is about the building relationship of Yves and Phoenix . Phoenix is part of a bad group of savants and discovers Yves when she tries to steal from him. The next time they meet is when we discover they are soul finders.

One of my favourite things about this books is Yves non stop desire to save and protect phoenix no matter what is in their path. Yves doesn’t stop even though phoenix tries to leave and deny what they have between them to protect him. It did become to get a bit repetitive though. Phoenix was a very good character for Yves and for the book altogether. She may have a hard life throughout the book but she doesn’t give up, she just carries on going and doesn’t back down. I liked how we get to know her and her journey as the story progresses.

Another thing I liked about the story was that it was set in England. It showed a different aspect of the story from the original setting of Colorado. Being set in England made it feel more closer to home fore people like me  who live in the UK as we can relate to it more.

Joss Stirling’s writing is unique throughout both the first and the second book. I knew after reading finding sky I had to read this one and I know I am definitely read seeking crystal. It is nice to see the geeky brother have his soul finder found. In each book I read I fall more and more in love with the Benedict brothers. The subject of savants is unique and nothing like anything else I have read. It was definitely a hard book to put down.


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