Review: Seeking Crystal

Seeking Crystal is more unique then the last two installments of this series.

In seeking crystal we see two of the benedict brothers find their soulfinders in two sisters. In this book we  see the story of crystal and diamond find love in Xav and Trace. Crystal and diamond get mugged while in the benedicts home town and trace comes to the rescue where we see the connection between him and diamond. crystal and xavs relationship doesn’t start till later on as the two bicker like theres no tomorrow as crystal feels like she doesn’t belong as she doesnt think shes a real savant. as the story progresses we see their relationship begin to develop after both of them be extras for a new film. crystal later gets her questions answered on why she’s different from the others.

One thing i like about this is how the family comes together as one to save each other. this is not seen in many other books i have read.

This carries on nicely from the other books in the series and has plenty more potential for more.


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