Review: Finding Sky

I came across this book when in the library looking for books to read before I started buying books to keep. I knew after reading the blurb and the first page of the book that I had to take it home and read it as soon as I could.

Finding sky is about this girl called sky who has just moved to America from England. When going to her new school she catches a glimpse of the bad boy Zed. Since sighting him she cant seem to get him out of her head. He also seems drawn to her and when sky finds out why it changes her world forever. Sky finds out that she is a savant and that zed is one too which is why he can speak to her telepathic. Zed and sky discover that they are soul finders which meant they are meant to be together. This book is sky’s journey of coming around to the fact of what she is and how it is being put to the test.

I love how we discover the savants with sky and learn at the same pace as her. For me it is really  interesting to read as its unlike anything else I have ever read before I mean the different skills in which savants have is like twilight but apart from that it is completely different.

I also the relationship between sky and zed!! From the moment zed discovers that she’s his soul finder he is extremely protective of her which is very cute for me. I like how we see their relationship build and how they help each other at the end. It like how he is the only one that can speak sense into her when she goes a bit extreme and how his family take her in as their own daughter and protect her.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves romance mainly but also a supernatural approach. It is unique as it doesnt involve common things like vampires and werewolves.


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